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1st Infantry Division Special Offer

This is a special offer for Active Duty and Veterans of the 1st Infantry Division.  Inland Mfg has given extra consideration for your efforts and you are qualified for purchase of the 1st Infantry 100th Anniversary Models of the 1911A1 Pistol and the 1944 Model of the M1 Carbine.
To Purchase Firearms Online: You must be 18 or older to purchase long guns and 21 or older to purchase hand guns. Check your local & state laws.
Federal firearms laws prevent Inland Depot / Inland Manufacturing, LLC. from shipping firearms directly to individuals without a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL), however we can ship them to a local FFL Holder near you.
In order to purchase your firearm and have us ship it, you must complete the following steps listed below before we can process your order and ensure a trouble free transaction.
  1. Verify that the firearm you wish to purchase from Inland Depot / Inland Manufacturing, LLC. meets the laws of your state, county, or city.
  2. Find a FFL holder near you that will accept the transfer of the firearm for you. This can be your local Gun Shop, Pawn Shop, Gun Range or any other location that holds a current FFL and will help you with your transaction.
  3. Have the FFL holder e-mail, fax or mail a file copy of their FFL to us at the address below including your name and firearm to be purchased: Inland Depot / Inland Manufacturing, LLC. Attn: FFL Department 6785 W. 3rd St Dayton, Ohio 45417 Inland Depot / Inland Manufacturing, LLC. Fax: 1 (937) 835-0223 E-Mail Foms to:
  4. Complete your firearm purchase online. You will receive an order confirmation e-mail with your order number.
  5. Contact your FFL and tell them you would like to transfer a firearm from Inland Depot. This transaction is between you and the FFL holder.
  6. Once your FFL holder receives your firearm, you will need to pick it up. Important: Upon arrival at your FFL holder inspect your firearm to make certain that everything is acceptable before filling out the necessary paperwork. Once the transfer of the firearm is complete, the manufacturer's warranty is then in effect and from that point on any complications with the firearm will need to be handled by the manufacturer. Failure to read and complete all the necessary steps above could result in the delay of receiving your firearm(s).                                                                                     
    NOTE: Ammunition and Firearms must be purchased separately, in two separate orders


1911A1 1ST ID ss (Out of Stock)1911A1 1st ID Price: $899.00 On Sale! $879.00

The 1st Infantry Division Special Edition with the presentation side of the slide engraved signifying the 100th Anniversary of the 1st Infantry Division.


This purchase automatically qualifies for a $20 credit for FFL transfer. Credit will be reflected in the checkout process.
Pistol Case (Out of Stock)Pistol Display Case Price: $92.95
Pistol Display Case 91/2" x 12" x 31/8"
M1A1 Stock Assy Right (Out of Stock)M1A1 Stock Assembly & Handguard (walnut) Price: $329.95
Complete M1A1 stock assembly with hardware for $329.95 + shipping, select US Postage for shipping when possible and save.  This stock assembly is eligible to ship priority mail.


Armscor (NOT AVAILABLE)Armscor .30 Ammunition (50 Rds) Price: $24.95

Armscor .30 Carbine 110gr RN Ammunition, 50 Rds

MC110AS_photo.jpg (Out of Stock) M1 Carbine Magazine, 15-round Price: $39.95

 Special VIP Pricing 

(Retail Value 29.95) Our 15 round magazine is constructed with 400 series Stainless Steel with a nitride finish for durability and long life!

Prohibited by state laws in CA,MA,MD,NJ,NY,HI AND CT.

Shipping Options
Case (NO Longer AVAILABLE) Armscor .30 Carbine Ammo (1000 rd Case) Price: $399.95

Armscor .30 Carbine 110gr RN Ammunition, 1000 Rds