Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

MKS Supply is the exclusive master distributor for Inland Manufacturing products in the United States. MKS was chosen due to their performance and ability to market firearms and accessories, there is no relationship with any other company that MKS Supply represents such as Hi Point Firearms.

The M1 Carbine is a very reliable firearm, however, like any firearm, you may experience a malfunction.

Not all ammunition is created equal!

The M1 carbine requires sufficient power to cycle the action, we recommend quality factory loaded ammunition. Reloaded ammunition may cause issues and can void the warranty of your Inland carbine.

Just like ammo, not all magazines are created equal.

New Inland magazines and original USGI magazines in good condition should work properly, many aftermarket magazines do not.

How many rounds have been fired?

While all Inland carbines are tested at the factory, it may be necessary to shoot 200-300 rounds during the "Break in" period.

Is the chamber clean?

Carbon fouling and copper deposits may build up at the front of the chamber and cause issues, especially during the break-in period. Be sure to keep the chamber area clean to minimize any issue.

Shooting Style

The M1 Carbine has very light recoil which will cause many shooters to relax while fireing. This "relaxed" style of shooting can cause malfunctions with M1 carbines which require a firm hold to insure the transfer of energy to cycle properly.


Has anyone other than a Inland authorized service center worked on the rifle? Any modification to the action of the rifle can cause malfunction issues and void the warranty

Still having problems?

Contact the Inland Service center at (937) 835-0220,or email us at:, we will do everything possible to help you with any problem that you are having.

Inland Manufacturing, LLC is a private entity based in Dayton, Ohio that has no relationship with General Motors Corporation. Inland Manufacturing sources all of the components for their line of firearms from other US companies. The Inland Manufacturing products are assembled and or manufactured at the Dayton, Ohio location.

As recent as 2009 an original M1 Carbine could be found at local gun shows for as little as $500.00, however, the current cost of an original M1 Carbine usually starts in the $800.00 range and at that price is usually a well-used firearm that will require attention and or replacement parts to make it an adequate “Shooter”. An original M1 Carbine in good condition that is functional with the correct components can usually be found in the $1200.00 – $1500.00 price range and can go as high as $3500.00 or more.

The new Inland M1 Carbine has been manufactured with attention to detail for historic accuracy. However, there is one area that we failed to meet in regards to historic accuracy, and that is the “Accuracy”. The new Inland M1 Carbine is substantially more accurate than the originals due to the design and construction of the new carbine. Most new Inland M1 Carbines will deliver under 2” groups at 100 yards and it is not unusual to achieve sub MOA accuracy! In addition to the accuracy, you will also have a 1 year warranty with the new Inland M1 Carbine.

The new Inland M1 Carbine utilizes a barrel that is precision bored with a 4 groove 1 in 20” twist rate which provides great performance with the lighter projectiles commonly found with .30 Carbine ammunition. This along with consistent “bedding” of the barreled action to the stock, and a correct fitting recoil plate coupled with the type 2 or type 3 barrel band, yields exceptional accuracy exceeding the capability of the original M1 Carbines.

The new Inland M1 Carbine features a high quality cast receiver that is precision machined to close tolerances. During the early days of firearm manufacture, there is no question that a forged receiver was stronger than cast receivers of that period. However, with modern casting technology and metallurgy, today’s casted components can be more durable and consistent than forging and more cost effective to produce.

All primary functioning components and stocks are new manufactured components meeting Inland’s specifications as well as “GI Specifications” so that all components are interchangeable with the original carbines. The exception to the “New” component rule is non-essential items such as the “oiler” which is sourced from military surplus.

Inland Manufacturing products are distributed through normal firearm wholesalers to your local gunshop, contact your local firearms dealer and ask them about the new Inland line of products. If your local gunshop is unable to locate a distributor that is stocking Inland Products, they can contact MKS Supply at (877) 425-4867.

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