Inland Manufacturing Custom Shop

Since the beginning of early firearms manufacturing, there has always been custom options available from the finest gun manufacturers. These “Custom Firearms” became family heirlooms and often transformed the firearm into a piece of art landing the masterpiece into a display case for public viewing in a museum. By the mid 1800’s, firearm manufactures offered “Custom Shop” services where the customer could order models with custom features & engraving. Custom engraving and other decorative touches brought an aesthetic quality to a firearm that not only enhanced the appearance, but the overall value as well.

Inland Manufacturing offers Custom Shop options on their 1911 line of handguns that range from personalization of a fine handgun custom made for the tradecraft of the user to embellished pieces of art commemorating historical or significant events.

The Inland Custom shop can also provide historical unique unit markings for re-enactors duplicating unit specific characteristics of their M1 Carbines or 1911A1 pistols. Embellished service models with special plating and wood finishes are available for color guards and special ceremonial events.

Your Inland Custom will be a true masterpiece and instant family heirloom. Contact the Inland Custom Gun Shop and we will prepare a preliminary estimate that provides an approximate cost for the project. You can then refine your specifications and request a formal quotation. A 50% deposit is required on all Inland Custom Shop orders.

Special Editions

Inland Manufacturing has several “Special Edition” models and packages planned for the future commemorating the US Armed forces for their sacrifices and service for the past 75 years.

Visit our website often, these special edition models will be featured in the custom shop section.

The Inland Custom Gun Shop can create custom Special Editions for organizations that desire to offer unique Inland firearms as presentation pieces. The privileged few that would receive Special Edition Inland firearms will be sure to treasure them for a lifetime.

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